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What kind of items can I sell?

Chippewa Valley Consignment Shop can help sell just about any item. We prefer to sell items that are easily shipped. Keep in mind eBay has a few rules that must be followed.

What if my item does not sell?

If your item does not sell we will re-list the item. If after this listing the item does not sell you choose to list the item in or eBay store for 30 days, to make arrangements to pick up the items within 2 weeks of the auction close or we can donate it to a charity of your choice.

When Will I Get Paid?

The auction process requires many steps, such as shooting photos, conducting research, creating a listing template, handling buyers' inquiries and interests, securely receiving payment from buyers, packaging, shipping...and then waiting for the buyer to leave positive feedback. With eBay's new return policies all items will have a 30 day return/refund option, which slows down our payment process. Ideally, you should receive payment within 45 days after an individual item is sold. If you bring many items, you will be paid after all of the items sales have been completed.

What is the length of my eBay auction?

Typically, Chippewa Valley Consignment Shop uses a seven day auction to maximize bidding interest. However, we can run auctions as short as one day for items with time constraints, such as tickets for sporting events, concerts, and other time-sensitive items. Or as long as 10 days for high valued items such as Rolex Watches.

What happens if my item is damaged while in your possession?

Chippewa Valley Consignment Shop takes every precaution to ensure your items are safely stored while with us. Afterall, this is in everyone's interest. However, in the unlikely event that your item should be lost, damaged or stolen we will compensate you.

For the purpose of compensation value, prior to the end of the auction the value of each item is its Start Price. After the conclusion of an auction, it will be the highest bona fide bid.

How long will it take to list my items?

From the point of item collection we usually require anywhere between 5 - 10 working days to list. This largely depends on the quantity, nature or value of the item(s) and the demand for my services.

Disclaimer:We assure all our clients a professional auction service on the world's largest marketplace: eBay! With exposure to over 115 million buyers, most items that we auction reach their fair resale value. Once your item sells, it is legally SOLD. Sold items cannot be revoked if the final resale value falls below one's price expectations. We make no price guarantees.