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Business Services

We are experienced eBay sellers and offer your business a totally managed e-selling service, handling the entire sales process from start-to-finish, including listings,inquiries, deliveries and returns.

We manage the ENTIRE sales process

From taking photographs, writing compelling item descriptions, handling bidder inquiries to processing payments and shipping, our managed business service is designed to do as much of the leg-work for you as possible.

  1. Listing Fixed price and auction
  2. Sales Processing - Buyer inquiries and payment
  3. Item Storage (depending on size), packing and shipping
  4. Customer Service pre- and after-sales
  5. Reporting & Payment Details and Remittance

Complete Brand Anonymity

To help protect your identity, and unless otherwise required, all sales are made under Chippewa Valley Consignment Shop, so your business retains complete anonymity throughout the sales process.

Boost sales of everything!

We are able to help boost your sales from a huge variety of items;

  • Surplus/excess stock
  • Slow moving product lines
  • Demonstration models
  • End-of-line products
  • Ex-lease/rentals
  • Liquidation items
  • Obsolete equipment
  • Off-season fashion items
  • Repaired/Refurbished goods
  • Returns
  • Sample products

We do more to get your items sold

To give your items the very best opportunity to sell, our standard service includes;

  • Unlimited photographs
  • Gallery photo on ALL listings
  • Compelling sales description
  • In-house auction monitoring
  • Handling all buyer inquiries
  • Secure payment processing
  • Packaging and postage
  • Friendly and efficient customer service